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SHS (11-12) CODES

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  • Obtain your USERNAME from your Band Director (8 random characters, case sensitive)

  • Use the link above to go to the correct instrument (remember that HS=9th and 10th Grade and SHS=11th and 12th Grade).

  • That link will take you to a screen where you will enter your USERNAME.

  • Once there, choose your INSTRUMENT from the Grid.

  • You may submit your video using the FlipGrid platform or you may upload a video that has been recorded elsewhere (however, the majority of problems that we have are a result of trying to upload a video, your best bet is to record directly into FlipGrid).

  • Say your NAME at the beginning of the video. There are no audition numbers.

  • Double check your NAME as you do the final submission of the video.

  • Remember to only submit ONE video (multiple videos disqualify you from being judged).

  • If you record into FlipGrid you are given the option to download your video. You should do this "just in case".

  • You may "pause" between sections, but please don't edit the video (transitions, enhancements, etc.). Your final video should be recorded all in one "take" on the same day.

  • Remember that you will not be able to see your video once it is submitted. You must "trust the process" (and download your video, just in case :) ).



  • Occasionally, for "reasons", FlipGrid will only want to allow you to record about 50 seconds of video. If this happens:

    • Log out

    • Close your browser

    • Restart your computer

    • Do some deep breathing or grab a quick snack (this step is optional, but will help in the long run).

    • Try again

  • If you are on a Mac (or iPhone) the Safari browser will not allow you to record. You will need to use the app or Chrome to record into FlipGrid.

  • If your Username is rejected:

    • Double-check the Username. It is "case sensitive" (i.e. SaxOphonE is different from sAxoPhoNe).

    • Double-check that you are in the correct Instrument. Your 9-10 Woodwind Username will not allow you to enter the 11-12 Brass section.

Most Importantly...

If all else fails, contact your Band Director and they can help walk you through the process (or escalate to the "man behind the curtain") and we can work it out.